Two Lynx

Date Locality
Spring 2019 planned Zwiesel, Germany
Winter 2008/2009 canceled Zwiesel, Germany
23. - 25.03.2007 Varin, Slovakia
Mala Fatra National Park Administration Building
17. - 18.07.2006 Arbesbach, Austria
03.2006 - Lynx Group Haslach, Austria
11.2005 - Lynx Group Kasperske Hory, Czech Republic
01.2005 - Lynx Group Neuschönau, Germany
11.2004 - Lynx Group Zwiesel, Germany
06.2004 - Lynx Group Arbesbach, Austria
01.2004 - Lynx Group Haslach, Austria
12.2002 - Lynx Group Grafenau, Germany
07.2002 - Lynx Group Bayerisch Eisenstein, Germany

Please note: This meeting schedule includes the meetings of the 'Lynx Group Bohemian Forest' consisting of lynx experts of the countries Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. The 'Lynx Group Bohemian Forest' is a precursor of the CELTIC Group.

Destination Information  
Zwiesel not yet available
Varin file download (*.doc) 50KB